To arrange a lockout of a premises in Brisbane, Phone 1300 966 103, email, FREE QUOTES.

A lockout is the term used for the seizure, or taking possession, of a property.  This generally involves the physical attendance, taking control, and changing the locks. Often we attend with a locksmith.  We may be executing a warrant of possession, with the police. It may be as a result of a court order or the exercise of rights under a contract or agreement. There may be an eviction and taking back of a property by the owner.

All lockouts, seizures, must be legally defensible. When you need a Brisbane lockout, a Brisbane seizure, a Brisbane repossession, contact us for a free quote.

We conduct lockouts in Brisbane and the surrounding area. We travel to Ipswich, Logan, Cleveland, Caboolture, Redcliffe and on to the Sunshine Coast. Our staff are experienced. We can conduct lockouts for corporations, small business and the private person at both private and business premises. We do not, generally, do lockouts and seizure for relationship disputes, nor disagreements between parties to a private rental agreement.

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